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The Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball w/DVD

The perfect book for players at all levels. Hall of Famer Rainer Martens provides technique recommendations, strategies and tactics, and standards for offensive and defensive practices. All are augmented by a companion DVD, making it a perfect guide for individual and team success.
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Here’s the “missing guide” for slowpitch softball. It’s not a fastpitch softball book adapted to slowpitch softball. It’s a comprehensive and original instructional guide to the unique sport of slowpitch.

With Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball, you will learn basic to advanced offensive and defensive techniques. And the comprehensive coverage of slowpitch strategies and tactics, as well as expert advice on physical and psychological conditioning, will ensure you step out of the dugout confident and prepared.

Senior softball Hall of Famer Rainer Martens and his wife, Julie Martens, put their wealth of expertise together in this one-of-a-kind book and DVD package. With over 45 years of softball experience and PhDs in the sport sciences, Rainer and Julie bring unique insight into all aspects of the game to help players, coaches, and fans alike hit a home run in this exciting game. 

Part I. Offense
Chapter 1. Hitting Basics
Chapter 2. Advanced Hitting
Chapter 3. Baserunning
Chapter 4. Offensive Strategies and Tactics

Part II. Defense
Chapter 5. Pitching
Chapter 6. Infielder Skills
Chapter 7. Outfielder Skills
Chapter 8. Defensive Strategies and Tactics

Part III. Preparation
Chapter 9. Field and Equipment
Chapter 10. Physical Preparation
Chapter 11. Mental Preparation
Chapter 12. Softball First Aid

Part IV. Coaching
Chapter 13. Conducting Practices
Chapter 14. Game-Day Coaching


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